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Since so many people are being lovely to me on twitter, and I’m feeling lovely and people are following me (clearly because I posted something vaguely interesting - WAHEY AND HELLO TO YOU ALL!) 

I figured I couldn’t do much worse than a roughly-paraphrased-but-still-makes-sense-entertaining-bit-from-JR, right? 


It stemmed, I believe from the whole “we went on a school outing” thing to see the RDJ Holmes. 

Because, you know, you just can’t do a chat show without a bit of Holmes Crossover. 

Lovely. They started talking about the plausibility of Holmes and Watson “cheating” on each other with the other Holmes and Watson. 

Leading to topics like BC being out to dinner with Jude Law (Yep) and then having a surreal moment where he was thinking "Oh god, what if people realised this was happening here" 

… Obviously. Because, you know, BBC!Holmes jamming with RDJ!Watson would be new. And clearly “cheating” on his Watson. 

… Yeah. Martin and RDJ. That’s a picture, right? 

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