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finelined-deactivated20120412: I'm dreadfully jealous of you going to see JRoss' show! Benedict! RHCPs! Alan Carr! Ahhhhh. How did you not faint? I mean, I probably would have... When I watched the show last night I heard people screaming, I'm guessing you were one of them? :') <3

Hello! It was more by luck and having a lovely friend that I managed to go. Don’t be jealous!!!! (though I’ll admit, they cut out some of the fun bits because the interview ran so long, I don’t doubt.)

RHCP were incredible - Literally so fantastic, and very mad. With cheeky little bits of constant bass-playing and casual drumming, and “ROOM FULL OF CUMBERBITCHES” - which was actually quite a strange thing to hear him say. 

Alan Carr - never used to be my favourite man. Never used to be, anyway. He’s actually really funny, and though I didn’t expect much,  I definitely found myself laughing. Lots. 

Benedict - (Insert ridiculous noise here) fnng. Yeah. Looked delicious, was delicious, and very charming. His smile is nicer in person, all forms of broadcasting media cannot do it justice. It’s just all so lovely. All of it. 

HAHAAHHAHAHAAH How did I not faint? Well, erm, that was a case of “this is never happening. I don’t believe this is happening” - until it was happening and then if I’d fainted I would have absolutely looked like a twat. 

I didn’t want to look like a twat. 

… And actually, no, I wasn’t. The lovely screaming people were actually further to the Left and a bit back compared to where we were sat (which was pretty dead centre, and like, third row?) 

Although I was one of the people with the filthy laugh. 

So I doubt that would have been picked up. You know, because I’m pretty much in possession of a DEMON LAUGH. Subsonic and all that. 

<3 <3 x

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