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Other thing that got cut that I remembered and think people might find funny.

It was based around the whole “did you want to be Dr. Who?” Thing, which I found utterly hilarious (Mr. Cumberbatch’s face is very expressive, as we know. And he is a master of the I’m-going-to-pause-before-I-tell-you, which is also beautiful) and the whole thing about Companions. 

And there was some mention of something about Karen Gillan’s legs (because apparently you can’t mention her without her legs? - that’s me asking a rhetorical question, by the way.) and then some laughter and Ben talking about Martin’s legs, which was lovely. 

"Obviously hers are less hairy" - Paraphrased. 

And then something like “but Martin’s gorgeous.” - I’m dead by this point. I don’t remember the context but I remember those words being used in roughly that approximation. 

More funny stories if I actually remember them. 

I think there’s one about the RDJ Sherlock as well. 

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