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anglofile: Okay dear, spill on the fandom stuff spoken of during the filming of the Jonathan Ross show. People are curious and thinking they were trolled. I shall alert the troops British fandom wife.

Agh! I feel so unnecessarily important. 

But I shall spill. 

As you know there was talk of Cumberbitches, and Sherlock. 

Which in the end, in a roundabout way (do remember that a lot of this gets cut in the end, obviously, filming was a lot longer), led onto the internet, fanfiction and other things.

The reactions to the fanart that was displayed, were… erm, hilarious, to be honest. There was a lovely one, with a union jack pillow and sleeping? And there was one which, if I remember rightly, was (Tastefully) Naked Sherlock in red boots with a riding crop, which spawned the (And this is paraphrased) “That took a lot of work, and so did the picture”.

And one with a Motorbike - “Is that your bike” … “I don’t think so.” Which caught some laughs. 

There were mentions of Fanfiction, which I can’t remember the specifics of, there weren’t mentions of any specific ones, and it was all very short. 

YES, he did mention Martin and his Macbook and things like him being a “Luddite” and then suddenly rocking up with all the mod cons, and it was hilarious because he pulled some beautiful faces with it. 

In all, he seemed to be really surprised by the attention - and the fact that he (and the show) seems to have such loyal and lovely fans, and yeah, all the love is good - he didn’t seem to mind, which is always a good thing, right?


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